Joker Charlie Club supports and celebrates those who dare to do things differently, those who challenge the status quo and have the courage to have the last laugh.

Our Mission

Joker Charlie is a community of creators, innovators, like-minded investors and supporters who want to accelerate the post-pandemic transformation to a decentralised world.

As part of this community – and to further support its ultimate goal – Joker Charlie partners also operate their own offline facilities, including technology labs and co-working spaces.

We aim to empower our members to manifest their dreams by:

• Incubating early-stage disruptive tech and new ideas;
• Scaling up existing decentralised protocols;
• Building a network of like-minded Jokers to enjoy life and prosper.

Discover the origin story behind Joker Charlie and why we are on a mission to grow Joker Charlie Club into a community, driven by the goal of accelerating global digital transformation.

The Inspiration behind Joker Charlie Club:

Joker Charlie was created to symbolize the crazy, courageous few who dare to be different, who are not afraid to be wrong, laughed at or dismissed in the pursuit of their goals.

King Charles 1st’s ‘Joker Spirit’ was the inspiration for Joker Charlie Club 1636. He was famously ridiculed in 1636 for his idea to use copper tokens to facilitate trade during a period when gold and silver were in short supply. Fortunately, he was brave enough to disregard the naysayers and his innovation revolutionized and enhanced trade.

Throughout history, visionaries, leaders, and entrepreneurs had the courage to face mockery and rejection to achieve their dreams. Invention and creation write history, so it does not matter if the world thinks your ideas are a joke when you know you will have the last laugh.

We Invite Two Types of People To Join Our Community

Joker Charlie Club is a platform for both creators and innovators, and those who support and believe in the mission of accelerating global digital transformation through DeFi initiatives and technological innovations.

We believe that it will take both creativity and courage to help change the world, which is why we are driven to create a platform that will help incubate and facilitate innovation, and at the same time reward, those brave enough to invest and support ideas that will challenge the status quo.

Joker Charlie Club Community Ecosystem

    Joker Charlie Club Ecosystem

    To succeed, any project needs a strong and supportive community that shares the same vision. Joker Charlie’s vision is to create a community where people share ideas and resources with each other to facilitate decentralised transformation.

    2021 Q4

    Design and Partnerships
    Design JCC framework •
    Build strategic partnerships •
    Launch introduction event (Offline) •

    2022 Q1


    Build JCC Infrastructure
    • Pads
    • Community
    • Virtual Club

    Establish PR & Marketing Network:
    • Media Channels
    • Digital Channels

    Build JCC Infrastructure:
    • Launchpads
    • VCs

    2022 Q2

    Let The Show Begin:
    Launch JCC Genesis (Gen 1) •
    List on Opensea •
    Rarity List •

    Launch deal flows via Pads:
    ICOs & NFTs •
    Expand more strategically •
    Road to DAO •
    Get ready for JCC Pioneer (Gen 2) •

    2022 Q3

    Live Long & Prosper
    • Launch JCC Pioneer (Gen2)
    • Launch Joker Incubator and Accelerator
    • Offer incubation service for early-stage projects
    • Get Ready for JCC Binary (Gen 3)

    2022 Q4

    Party Time
    Enhance more deal flows and our launchpad platform •

    Enhance IP & Branding, into consumer markets •
    Global Expansion •

    Launch JCC Binary (Gen 3) •
    Joker annual celebration in Metaverse •

    2023 AND BEYOND

    Ecosystem Established

     Launchpad + Incubator + Accelerator ecosystem established

     Joker Fund Launch (FOF) 

    And more to come…