Sorry for pranking you, but with a name like
Joker Charlie Club‘, you know that we love a good joke!🤣

Right now, the JCC ‘Joke Coin’ is not a reality, but the 3 White List spots are no joke, so if you want to stand a chance of winning one of those spots, be sure to: 

 1-  Follow Us on Twitter

2- Tag 3 Friends 

3- Like and Retweet

The winners will be announced on 02/04/2022


While we like to have a bit of fun, we are serious about our mission to support and celebrate those who dare to do things differently, those who challenge the status quo and have the courage to have the last laugh.

So if you are a Crypto / DeFi minded creator or supporter, join our Discord community, and together we can help accelerate global digital transformation. (And have fun doing it!😉)


(All  jokes aside.)