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JCC Genesis #243

Unnamed is the self-proclaimed “life of the party”. Any party, nay EVERY party.

Usually found arbing around hipster cafe’s, donning “more than the necessary” statement pieces to his attire, spewing conversation with anybody willing to lend him an ear.

His care free nature, fun loving personality and extensively knowledgeable (yet not smug) awareness of the world politics, news and pop culture, afford him the tools he requires to fit into any social situation.

Unnamed is the kind of guy the discovers cool things before they become cool, and then when they become cool, detaches himself as they’re too “mainstream for his vibe”… whatever that means

Owned by 466B4F (Unnamed)

JCC Genesis #243

CMO of Joker Charlie Club

Consultant/advisor for several NFT projects

Mint NFT

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